How to Order

Ordering is Easy!

To order music simply contact me using the contact form below.

I will email you a full copy of the music. Let me know how many copies you plan to make (or wait until you make them and tell me how many you did make) and I’ll send you an invoice for payment.  Most music costs $1 per copy.

Yep! It’s that easy.

I take for granted that I am working with honest people.  Is that crazy?  Sure.  But how can you perform a piece of music in the true gospel spirit while being dishonest?  You can’t.  Besides, if you are dishonest then we have to have that awkward moment in heaven where I see you, you have to apologize, I have to fight unkind thoughts in my head where I’m thinking, “I asked you nicely to be honest!”, I have to decide to forgive you or not, it’s heaven so I do, and then we live happily.  I’d rather just get to the happy part.  Be Honest.

Do you just want to see the entire piece of music?

No problem.  If you are a choir director I can send you a free copy of any of my music. (It doesn’t cost me anything. Isn’t the digital age great!)  You can look it over and see if it will work for your choir or not.  Then just contact me if you decide to make more copies.  Fill out the form below and tell me you just want a full copy of the music to peruse.

Fill out the contact form below and I’ll email you the music, permission to copy and a payment invoice.

Currently payment is only accepted by mailing a check.


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