Sing Praise to Him

arr. Gregory Lawrence Duffin

Lyrics — Johan J. Schütz trans. Frances Elizabeth Cox
Music from Bohemian Brother’s Songbook

Celebration hymn for a cappella women’s chorus

Listen to a recording of Sing Praise to Him

Sing Praise to Him — sample pages

Cost $1 per copy



O God, Beneath Thy Guiding Hand

arr. Gregory Lawrence Duffin

Music — Robert D. Swenson  Lyrics — Leonard Bacon

A new reverent patriotic hymn.
This piece has continually been one of the favorites of those who have performed it and is perfect for expressing the spirit of relying on the Lord to protect freedoms.

Available Voicings

Mixed chorus (SATB), solo violin and piano accompaniment

Women’s chorus (SSAA), solo violin and piano accompaniment

O God, Beneath Thy Guiding Hand — sample pages


O God, beneath thy guiding hand,
Our exiled fathers crossed the sea.
And when they trod the wint’ry strand
With prayer and psalm they worshipped thee.

Thou heards’t, well-pleased, the song, the prayer.
Thy blessing came and still its pow’r
Shall onward through all ages bear
The mem’ry of that holy hour.

Laws, freedom, and faith in God
Came with those exiles o’er the waves.
And where their pilgrim feet have trod
The God they trusted guard their graves.

And here Thy name, O God of love,
Their children’s children still adore
‘Til these eternal hills remove,
And Spring adorns Earth evermore.

Cost $1.25 per copy


Joy to the World

arr. Gregory Lawrence Duffin

Lyrics — Isaac Watts  Music — George Frederick Handel

A traditional Christmas carol for a cappella women’s chorus

This arrangement grows into an elaborate celebration 4-part echo-style chorus.
I would like to adapt this arrangement for Mixed Chorus sometime, so if you would be interested in that let me know — I can get it done for you.

Joy to the World — sample pages


Joseph Smith’s First Prayer

arr. Gregory Lawrence Duffin

Lyrics — George Manwaring  Music — Sylvanius Billings Pond

A rich, lush rendition of this classic hymn.

Available Voicings

SSAA with piano

SATB with piano

Orchestra accompaniment also available
(  2 percussionists, harp, strings)

Listen to a recording of Joseph Smith’s First Prayer  (SSAA and orchestra)

Joseph Smith’s First Prayer — Sample Pages

Cost $1 per copy
Orchestra score and parts $50
(Orchestra Score also available as part of Watching for the Dawn, a collection of 7 hymns with orchestra accompaniment)